Wednesday, June 22, 2016

The End

As I announced on June 7, it was my intention to end this blog when it passed 200,000 page views. This is a purely arbitrary line in the ink, but there is a certain logic to it. The time has now come to go. I thank those who have passed this way over the past decade.

Things in my own life have developed in such a way that I have decided to turn my time and energies to other things. Other responsibilities beckon, other adventures await. It has been a pleasure to keep this blog. No doubt it will be a pleasure to move on, although I will miss this and you.

Some kind souls have asked me, via comments and personal emails, to continue the blog in some occasional form. I am flattered and moved by the things they said. And I am tempted to respond positively to such requests. On the other hand, I have been blogging for a dozen years now. At one point, I was keeping four blogs going at the same time, each from a different perspective. In Dodd We Trust is in its tenth year. On this blog alone, I have posted almost 4,000 entries. Altogether I estimate I have written well over 5,000 entries as a blogger, while also publishing six books, a number of articles and doing free-lance editing and translation work. Oh, yeah, most of that time I had a full time job, too. 

As my Spanish-speaking friends would say, "¡Basta ya!" Enough already!

I will not take the blog down for some time, if ever. (I regret removing my earliest blog, Damien's Spot, in particular. I know that the internet is supposed to be forever, but I don't know where in the internet to find it.) Perhaps this iteration of my blogging efforts will remain for someone to stumble upon someday, and it will flash briefly again into life, to perplex or to amuse for a moment. So be it.

In a week or so, I will disable comments. Those already posted will remain.

It is not winter here in the northern hemisphere, just turning summer in fact. I intend to draw no comparison to the classic Calvin and Hobbes. But I like the way that strip ended: 

  Click on image to enlarge for easier reading.

May all be well with you. May you be happy and at peace. May your friends be many, your joys lasting and your sufferings fleeting. May you be light in darkness. And may you continue exploring your world which is new every day. 

And goodbye.

Tuesday, June 21, 2016

Today and tomorrow

Tomorrow I will post my farewell to this blog.

Today I want to provide links to a few of the blogs that I have been following. If you are unfamiliar with them, you may want to check them out.

Going Gently
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The Closet Professor

I visit other blogs with some regularity, but I wanted to mention these in particular for those who might be looking for something to read once In Dodd We Trust disappears. I have enjoyed them, each in its own way, and encourage you to discover their possibilities.

Monday, June 20, 2016

Fishing for something to do?

My good friend Steve used to go fishing a lot when we were in high school and college. Out on the edge of town, there was a smallish private lake to which he had access, and he would gather his gear, go out there and spend hours alone. Occasionally he brought one or two fish home, but usually not.

He confessed to me that he often didn't bother to bait his hook. He was a thoughtful sort of person -- went on to do quite well in the academic sphere, Fullbright Scholar and all that -- and he had discovered that if he just sat around thinking, people came up with things for him to do. On the other hand, if he was fishing, they left him alone. So he threw the line in the water, sat back and pondered. 

Or just sat back.

I am not much of a fisher, but I thought today about adapting Steve's strategy. It feels like a day for sitting on the balcony and doing nothing. But I know that Tom is likely to wonder what is up and, if he does not find something for me to do, might get concerned. So I am going to take my old Nook, turn it on, open up a book I haven't finished reading and sit with it out on the balcony in the fresh air. 

Just sit.