Thursday, January 21, 2010

Flaking out?

The Wisconsin Dells Visitor and Convention Center people sponsor a number of events designed to draw people to the downtown during the off-season. The mid-winter event, the Flakeout Festival, has been one of my favorites, although it is usually quite cold. It features a snow sculpture contest, carriage or sleigh rides (depending on weather?), ice sculptures, games, food and a pretty good arts and crafts show.

This year, or so I have heard, the WDVCC decided to drop the event for financial reasons, but some local business people picked it up and moved its venue. No longer downtown -- and therefore no longer serving its oringinal purpose -- it will be at in the parking lot at an outlet mall near the interstate. There will certainly be more parking avaialble and it will be convenient for out-of-towners who wish to join the fun.

On the other hand, looks like the weather will not cooperate this year. Saturday is supposed to be rainy, and that is the day the work on the snow sculptures takes place. Not sounding good! On Sunday we may have a mix of rain and snow, too. We will see what happens.

The library has its open house this Saturday. The Flakeout Festival used to be just a couple of blocks from the library, and I think we counted on getting some traffic from that. This year, what with no festival downtown and rainy weather to boot, it may be a smaller event.

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