Friday, February 12, 2010

Friday yawns

I had the day off today, because the bookmobile goes out on the second Saturday of the month -- which means work tomorrow. Didn't get much accomplished, beyond doing some laundry, doing some research for a short story I am writing and listening to some lectures on comparative religion. Tom and I went out for fish with Rich this evening. I only ate half of mine, and I got a box to bring the rest home. Which box I left on the table when we departed. Oh, well.

Tom and Peter are watching the opening ceremonies of the Olympics. I am listening to more lectures on comparative religion. They are by Charles Kimball, head of the religious studies department at the University of Oklahoma. He is a Baptist minister and an expert in Islamic studies. I always need to learn more about Islam, of course. And his comments on Buddhism and Hinduism are a good refresher from courses I had long ago. I don't suppose I am hearing too much I had not heard or read before, but everyone has a unique perspective to bring to the topic.

Only going a little below zero tonight ...

On a somber note, I am saddened by the tragedies in Alabama and the fatal accident at the Olympics today. There was a shooting in nearby Baraboo, too.

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