Saturday, April 16, 2016

A memory, a lesson and cats

One of the friars at Holy Hill was famous for saying, when things went awry, "Well, now we try Plan C" or "Plan G" and so on.  

I have also been told that all plans succeed -- some in accomplishing your goal and some in showing you that a particluar path does not lead where you want to go.
On a side note, the cats were annoyingly feline this morning. They hounded Tom until he got up and let them out of his room. (Can cats hound?)  Sundance came to rouse me out. I was already up and getting dressed, but she was very demanding. I put her pill in a small bit of food and put it down. Cassidy showed up and I put out a bowl for her. Cassidy licked hers and then disappeared. Sundance ate the half of her bit that did not contain the pill and then left. I put her bowl on the counter for later. Otherwise Cassidy, having refused her food, would run over and eat Sundance's.

 Ten minutes or so later, Sundance gave me "the look" and I put her food back down. She looked at it and walked away. I put it on the counter and went onto the balcony for a few seconds. When I came back, she was eating the food in Cassidy's bowl. I took that away and gave her the pill-laden bit due her and she finally deigned to eat it. Third time's the charm, as they say. 

Hmm. Maybe that was a Plan C?

Gonna be one of those days.


Bob Slatten said...

It's a Cat's World.

Mitchell is Moving said...

I can't believe you actually won that battle with Cassidy. Ah, cats. Moose has now come to expect that I will keep him company whenever he decides to have a dry food snack (and he's right). He "hounds" me until I finally him into the kitchen, get down on the floor next to him, and pet him while he eats.