Thursday, April 7, 2016

April snows

Here it is, April 7 in our part of the northern hemisphere -- well, it is April 7 in the southern hemisphere except where it is already April 8 -- and most of the morning we had snow. Not big, beautiful flakes like in the image, just that fine snow that you can see falling but that doesn't amount to much. (Not that I want it to amount to anything, of course!) We had a quick flash of sun breaking through and right now it is just mostly cloudy, looking and feeling more like November than April. Oops! It's snowing again. Oops! it stopped. Oops!

But the forecast is for more light snow tomorrow morning about the time the cats and I get up to face the day. Then it will be mostly cloudy ...

April snows
redden my nose, 
but April showers 
bring May flowers.
I'm dreaming of a white April,
just like the ones I used to know.
Where frosty grass glistens,
and children listen
and hunt Easter eggs in the snow. 
Or something.

At any rate, I spent an hour on the treadmill this morning, got some writing done, vacuumed and mopped a little and spoke with my insurance provider to make sure things are copacetic for the renewal of my policy next month. All is well there. I just had leftover Chinese for lunch and feel like taking a nap on this cool and overcast day. But I had too much coffee at Starbucks while writing and so no nap for Michael. Perhaps Sundance and Cassidy will sleep even harder to make up for what I am missing.

Hope your day is shiny and bright! And may all your Aprils not be white.


Mitchell is Moving said...

Our April will continue to be snow-free. Wishing you sunny and bright!

Sunny said...

We had sleet yesterday serious need of a bit of warms.