Saturday, April 2, 2016

Roller coaster

To quote Phineas and Ferb, "You don't have to build a roller coaster."

But that is what our weather is like at the moment. Yesterday we had sun and rain and hail and wind. This morning we woke to blowing snow. Not a huge amount, but enough to mostly cover the ground with the white stuff. We are under a weather watch for high winds all day.

Tomorrow it is supposed to partly sunny with a high of 64 (17.78 C). Now that's more like it!

But it will slip below freezing at night and then a Monday high of only 36 (2.22 C). 

The rest of the week looks to be a mix of chilly temperatures -- above freezing during the days but below at night -- and clouds.

Oh, well. Carpe diem, no matter what the weather, right? 

Which raises the question: Is a rainy day a day for fish, that is, a carpy diem?

Clearly I need to go back to bed.

Enjoy the ride.

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