Friday, April 1, 2016


I am at the Sun Prairie Public Library at the moment. I have been working on Wacky and have met my word-count goal for the day. I am pleased about that, but I am more pleased to have gotten over a bump in the process. Although the story line is more or less complete and I am well past the climax and into the movement toward resolution, I had run into a bit of writing inertia -- I won't call it writer's block exactly -- and I needed to push a little to get the ball rolling again. According to Newton, the body in motion should continue in motion if unimpeded. So I will try to keep impediments, such as my own sloth and incipient spring fever, from getting in the way. And I hope I do not resort to the Spock button.

Today is my volunteer day at the library, and I need to start packing up my laptop and stuff so that I can head over to take up my afternoon duties at the Read Before Book Store.

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