Tuesday, April 5, 2016

What's happening?

Yesterday was a fairly productive day with major progress on the Wacky in WhoVille story.

Today has been busy:
  1. Swept and mopped floors
  2. Did a load of laundry
  3. Mailed a supportive note (I hope!) to a friend
  4. Did my hour-plus treadmill workout
  5. Walked up the polling place and voted in the primary (Did you get the joke with the primary colors for the wordless post?)
  6. Gassed up the car
  7. Had a fifteen-minute back massage at the mall while waiting for an optometrist appointment
  8. Had a great optometrist appointment with no need for new glasses and no new concerns about cataracts
  9. Picked up some peppers to use in the Spanish rice I am making for dinner to use up some leftover from Chinese takeout
And it's only 1:30! I may even get a little more writing done.

Tom is at the little railroad helping with some track repair today, which is why I am making the Spanish rice tonight.

And Sundance is walking around under the desk telling me that she needs to be fed. Again.

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