Thursday, April 21, 2016

Thursday morning impressions

Cool air
Puffy clouds in hazy skies
Doves sitting on a neighboring balcony
A black terrier on a patio balcony at the far end of the building staring at the traffic
A passenger jet coming in for a landing at the airport
Windmills faintly discernible on the western horizon
Parents walking hand-in-hand with their children on the way into Bright Horizons 
          next door
Walkers, singly and in pairs, taking a morning stroll
Cars, trucks, SUVs streaming  by on American Parkway,
         turning into the side road to UW Hospital or American Family Insurance
A lone ground squirrel standing guard in the grass
Dandelions sprouting spots of yellow
Trees leafing out spring green, gray-green, purple-red
Sundance dozing on the cat perch in the study window
Cassidy alert on the rug by the balcony door
Washing machine gurgling and growling

Tom is on his way to the railroad. I will pack my computer; grab my gym bag and go lift weights; go to the library, visit the volunteer in the Read Before Book Store, get a cup of coffee and write. That will be my morning. This afternoon I will probably go for a walk and listen to a bit more of A Murder Is Announced.

And tend cats and tend cats and tend cats.

A new Big Bang Theory tonight, but the plot sounds familiar. I think the writers are running dry ... 

Don't tell anyone. It's a secret.

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