Monday, July 27, 2015

Everywhere and nowhere

My niece Kristin (sister of my niece Kirstin) commented on the post the other day about our impending move, "I always felt like you lived everywhere and no where at the same time (if that makes sense!)"

 It makes perfect sense to me. When I was in the monastery, we had three-year assignments. Because it was easier to move the younger friars from place to place, I moved a lot. When Kristin and Kirstin and their brother Justin were growing up in Texas, every time their Uncle Mike came to visit the family, he probably came from a different place than where he had come from the year or two before.

So here is the journey so far:

1950 -- Born in Georgia in May and moved to Texas in October
1950 -- 1953 -- Whitehouse, Texas
1953 -- 1968 -- Huntsville, Texas
1968 -- 1972 -- East Lansing, Michigan (attending Michigan State University)
1972 -- 1973 -- Monastery of Marylake, Little Rock, Arkansas
1974 -- (January -- August) -- Monastery of the Little Flower, San Antonio, Texas
(August) 1974 -- 1977 -- Mount Carmel Center, Dallas, Texas
1977 -- 1979 -- Monastery of Our Lady of Mount Carmel, Washington, DC (attending    
                         Catholic University)
1979 -- 1981 -- Mount Carmel Center, Dallas, Texas
1981 -- 1984 -- Monastery of the Espousal, Brookline, Massachusetts
1984 -- 1985 -- St. Louis, Missouri (attending St. Louis University)
1985 -- 1993 -- Holy Hill, near Milwaukee, Wisconsin
1993 -- 1994 -- Barrington, Rhode Island (sabbatical studying at Brown University)
1994 -- 1998 -- Monastery of the Espousal, Brighton, Massachusetts (the Brookline
                         community had moved to a new location)
1998 -- 2006 -- Hyde Park, Chicago, Illinois
     1998 -- 2004 -- Edith Stein House of Studies 
                              (Six months of 2003 in Silver Spring, Maryland)
     2004 -- 2006 -- My own apartment
2006 -- 2015 -- Wisconsin Dells/Town of Delton, Wisconsin

Throw in there three summers studying in Mexico City in the 1970s and a summer in Spain in 1978.

So I have lived here on Berry Road longer than I have lived anywhere except for the years growing up in Huntsville.

Whew! I should be used to moving by now.


Anonymous said...

Michael, I imagine you got used to the moving after a while, but I know how difficult it can be to move frequently. I was born and raised in a rural community and lived on campus at two colleges - one in a medium-sized city and the other in a rural area etched out just outside our state's largest city. Then, I moved to North Carolina to attend graduate school. And, I returned home last year, to pastor a church within an hour and a half from home. Now, I have moved again to a metropolitan area to pastor another church. It seems that those of us in the ministry do not ever get time to get settled before our next assignment is sprung on us. Hopefully, the denomination I serve will become more thoughtful about this as I age.

I am glad to see that you and your love found time to get settled and I hope your apartment search and your move to the city goes smoothly. Grace and peace to you!

Kristin said...

I remember my mom stressing you were going to be moved to Kenya or somewhere in Africa. She just knew it was way to dangerous! LOL! The family kept waiting to hear word on whether or not you had to leave for Africa (which I thought would be AWESOME!)

Michael Dodd said...

Well, I was supposed to go to Kenya to help found a new monastery in 1995, but that time plans changed and I never went. I had a couple of opportunities to visit there to give some talks later, but I passed on that, too. My best friend from the monastery, however, Fr. Steve Payne, wound up going in my place and today he is president of a Catholic university in Nairobi.

Rick Poster said...

I did not realize that you were at Holy Hill the same time I was in novitiate at Oconomowoc. I think we visited there, you know, the group outings!

Michael Dodd said...

Totally small world, huh?