Wednesday, July 22, 2015

Health review

I had my annual physical exam last week and have completed all but one of the lab tests. So far the results have all been excellent, and I assume the one I have tomorrow morning -- an ultrasound for abdominal aortal aneurysm -- will go well, too. This is something that is done for my first examination following Medicare eligibility, because of my age and because for a couple of years four decades ago, I smoked. 

Tom's annual checkup is coming early next month and his doctor -- we see the same one -- is having him go in for labs before then so that she can review the results with him at the time of the checkup.

We are hoping none of this is going to lead to a never-ending series of visits to specialists, but one never knows.  

I got an emailed survey from the clinic today to evaluate my experience with the provider. Tom and I have both been very satisfied with the care we receive from the doctors and nurses there. The niggling little annoyances are not with them but with the way the health care/insurance industry operates in this country. 

But that is a topic for another post, and I will try not to write it because it would just be venting about things you already know from your own experience.

I hope your own health -- physical, mental, spiritual, whatever -- is good and glowing.

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