Friday, July 31, 2015

Friday frolics

Our trip to Madison went well. After dropping Michelangelo off at Olbrich Gardens to entertain himself, we went to our appointment to view apartments. Glen was very friendly and helpful, and we found the lakefront apartments with a porch/sunroom to be light and beautiful. Thanks again, Glen, for your time.

The view from the apartments we visited

We picked Michelangelo up at the Gardens and then drove past a couple of other possibilities. Afterward we headed back to Prairie du Sac to introduce Michelangelo to the Blue Spoon. A table opened up on the veranda overlooking the river just when we needed it, and we all enjoyed a good lunch al fresco

He treated us to a fish fry in the Dells for dinner, and we ended the day well fed. (Tom had made sausage and scrambled eggs for breakfast.) I told the two of them that I should go to the gym tonight and then again tomorrow morning, but that ain't happening. Well, not the tonight part, anyway. Instead when we got home I had a piece of cheesecake left over from last night. At least I had resisted the cannoli that Michelangelo got for dessert at the restaurant. Okay, I ate one small bite. Quite small.

Not sure what we will do tomorrow. Rest and digest?

I plan to put in my hour on the treadmill first thing in the morning. It's nice have a guest but it can wreak havoc on my careful eating habits. 

But one can be TOO careful, don't you think?


glen said...

I had a wonderful time talking and meeting you and Tom. I wish we could just sit down and visit....maybe over lunch?
I really enjoyed our time.

Kirstin Dodd said...

So so happy that you had such a good day!

Ive been praying all went well.

Love you so so so much!!

Ur-spo said...

never too careful indeed.