Monday, July 13, 2015

Small tasks

Today I completed preparing the National Novel Writing Month material for the library director, printed out copies and then put it all on a memory stick. She was not in her office today, but I dropped it off and explained things to Charles. Putting it on the stick makes it easier for her to edit and then insert into the newsletter or flyers as she sees fit.

Then I went by the bank because it is time to change my password for online banking. This was a slight nuisance, but they require it every few months for security reasons. After our friend's identity theft incident over the weekend, I am happy to take extra precautions.

Tom inspired me to start cleaning out boxes and files. I have gone through several small boxes, and my goal is to clean out one file box a week and toss stuff. That way I will add only one extra bag for the weekly garbage pickup.

Small tasks, but they add up.  I can't say I am doing them as if they were great and noble, but at least I am doing them.

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