Thursday, July 30, 2015

Thursday things

After doing my hour on the treadmill and some weights this morning -- I am not sure if what I do can be called weights; maybe lights would be more accurate -- I came home to help get the house in shape for the realtor to see this morning. He has been here before, and we did not do a total cleanup-for-buyer-viewing job. Things got straightened and uncluttered, floors cleaned and so on. He is coming mainly to get a better idea of the floor plan and things of that sort.

We also have to get the guest room ready because Michelangelo is arriving tonight for a brief visit. I had contacted him to see if we might get together next month when we plan to go to Chicago to see Rebecca, David and the twins. He said he could come up here this weekend and then we wouldn't have to work our Chicago trip around his schedule.

Tomorrow morning Tom and I (maybe dragging Michelangelo along) go to Madison to do some apartment viewing. We are still months away from needing an apartment. In fact, from the responses I get from lots of apartment managers, we are so far away from when we need one that they don't know now if they will have anything then. We can be pretty flexible, though, with our own schedule. If we can get on a wait list or two, that would be something. One of those "next right thing" deals. I am beginning to think that we may be looking at a spring or summer move, not a winter one. I did tell Tom, though, that I had seen a prediction that this winter will have mild temperatures and little snow -- something to do with El NiƱo -- so if we should need to move, this might not be a bad winter to do it.

BTW, I am continuing to enjoy going to the gym. (The manager would probably not like me calling it a gym, but that is so much easier than writing fitness center or health club all the time.) With everything that is going on around here these days, working up a good sweat and then taking a cleansing shower is quite stress-reducing. Some of the places we are looking at in Madison include a basic fitness center on site. That would be a perk, but there are lots of places in the city where my Silver Sneakers membership will work.

As for walking, according to the Fitbit, I am over 2,250 miles at the moment. 

Finally, when we were talking about what to have for dinner tonight for Michelangelo, I suggested that for dessert we have cheesecake because it is National Cheesecake Day.

Tom said, "You're so gay, I can't believe it."

Really? I thought that was part of my charm.

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Ur-spo said...

very charming yes.
keep up the good work with the lights.