Monday, November 16, 2009

Early Christmas presents

So here is an early Christmas present to myself -- a three dollar battery-operated Santa Train from Walmart. You will need to push the small arrow at the bottom left of the frame.

Ta-dah! That is about a 10-inch diameter circle of track, and the engine is about three inches long.

On a much more important note, the Kilbourn Public Library has offered me a job running the bookmobile. This would start January 4, 2010. So that gives me time to finish up at the railroad -- our last day of operations is December 6 -- and then move on to the job I have been wanting for a couple of years. So that is my BIG early present. I told Cathy, the director of the library, that she had not only made my day but my year!


shera10 said...

I'm very very happy for you!

Kristin said...

that is so cute!

Steve F. said...

That is such very good news! Does the position come with benefits, or is it just better than anything else you're doing right now?

Cynthia Dodd said...

I love the train set. Looks like you got a great deal if it was only $3

Michael Dodd said...
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Michael Dodd said...

I'll try that again.

Cynthia, the train is a fun but flimsy little thing. I am waiting for one of the cats to attack it.

Steve, the library job is a city job, which means they will pay into a pension for me. Later I may become eligible for health benefits, too. The pay is more per hour than what I make now, but I will have slightly fewer hours. I figure that will more or less even out. But the main thing is that this will be a much more satisfactory job. I already volunteer every week at the library, and I know I like the work and the people.