Sunday, November 15, 2009

Home again, home again

We made it back safely to Berry Road, and it is nice to be home, even though we were only gone overnight. But this past week we had John with us and that meant the routine was a bit disrupted even before we headed down to Iowa. John and Tom were up early Monday through Friday, Tom made them a big breakfast (I got the wonderful leftovers -- pancakes, bacon, sausage, eggs, biscuits ) and then they headed over to the railroad for a full day of track work. They made it back just in time for dinner and then an evening dozing in front of the television with cats climbing over them.

Now John has returned to Judi, Matthew, Ryan and Andy in Mt. Carroll, and our cats are starting to settle back into their usual sleeping rotation on Berry Road.

While we were in Iowa, Peter went with Rich to Madison and bought a used car. Now Peter and Ashley are in the living room watching The Polar Express, Tom is up to something somewhere and I am getting ready to go to bed and read for a while. Sundance has been scratching to get into my room and then crying to get out. She will be back to her habit of sleeping with me until Tom goes to bed, when she will head back there. After he gets up in the morning, she will come lie down with me again.

Tomorrow I will have to go to the railroad myself to take care of some bookkeeping from the weekend and -- I hope -- unpack, price and display some items that should have arrived. At some point in the next ten day I have to rearrange all the stuff in the rear of the store to make room for Santa's bench and the tree, which have to be in place by the morning after Thanksgiving. Plus the usual meetings in Reedsburg, coffee with Barry and work at the library. At least there is no snow in the forecast -- yet.

Hope everyone had as nice a weekend as we did.

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