Monday, August 24, 2015


Lately it seems to me that a number of friends, perhaps because they are aging, are becoming more judgmental, critical of others and negative. 

Which made me wonder: Are they becoming more critical of others or am I just becoming more judgmental and critical of them?

Or have we all always been judgmental and negative and I am only now beginning to notice?

On a tangential note, true story: 
A gentleman asked my mother at church the other day how she was doing.

"I didn't sleep well last night," she told him. "That happens a lot lately and I don't feel good the next day."

He nodded understandingly.

"I have trouble sleeping, too," he told her. "I complained to my doctor and he asked if I watch FOX News. I said yes, and he told me to stop watching FOX News. I told him I can't, I'm addicted to it."

My mother told him she also watches FOX News and can't stop.

And thereby hangs an American tragedy.
 Do you think me telling that story was judgmental?

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Kirstin Dodd said...


I think Fox News is slowly killing our elders