Saturday, August 1, 2015

The trouble with scams

Tom warned me that there is a Windows 10 scam making the rounds. People like me who are waiting for their reserved Windows 10 update receive a message saying to click on this and do that ... and voila! Their computer locks up and is rendered relatively useless. I say relatively because you can still use it as a paperweight or to strike an annoying person in the head, I suppose. 

When the real thing comes, Microsoft promises that it will be clearly the right thing. 

 At any rate, it made me wonder: What if the scam is a scam? I mean, maybe there is no scam, just someone stirring up excitement about nothing. 

Kind of like 90% of what passes for political reporting, eh?


Bob Slatten said...

A non-scam-scam?
That would be deviously brilliant.

Sunny said...

I hate computer technology for that very reason. How do you tell the legitimate stuff from the scams?