Tuesday, August 4, 2015

Weights, waits and writing

This morning I went to the gym and added five minutes to my time on the treadmill and an additional set of reps to my routine with the weights. This meant I was there longer and by the time I was leaving, the place was getting more crowded. Okay, not exactly crowded. But for the first time, I had to wait a few minutes to get access to the machines I wanted to use. If I intend to continue this slightly longer workout, I may go fifteen minutes earlier.

At any rate, after all that, I got some work done on Wacky. I even thought of a funny line on which to end the book, but the odds are that it will not work by the time I actually get the book completed. But it is good enough that I can probably throw it into the last chapter at some point even if it is not the punch line for the whole thing.

A friend called yesterday to invite me to lunch tomorrow. He said his wife will be going to lunch with someone and she suggested he go to lunch with me. Not sure why, but I guess I'm up for it. I wish things could spread themselves out a little more, though. I feel like my social life is overloaded at the moment, what with Michelangelo just leaving and having had my lunch date with Kathie yesterday. This guy is someone I have breakfast with about once a month anyway, but lunch is new. He is between jobs at the moment, and his wife may just be looking for ways to get him out of the house more often.

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Kirstin Dodd said...

You're obviously a great friend to have.