Wednesday, August 26, 2015

Deleted post about growing up religious

I had posted something here this morning about growing up in a fundamentalist Christian household. It was actually an excerpt from some autobiographical writings that I have been encouraged to publish, but that I have decided to keep private. After further reflection, I decided to delete what I had posted here because I thought it could easily be misinterpreted and add heat, rather than light, to an important discussion about religion in America. I will give further thought to it and maybe post something at a later time.


Sunny said...

I find myself censuring a lot of my posts because of the PC attitude of the world in general.
And then I question WHY I do that. My blog is my soapbox to write what I want about what I want. My personal views, my opinions, my voice to the world.

No one else (except you) seem to have any qualms about voicing their opinions and being heard....why do I do it? Why should I not say what I want or believe just because someone might take offense? No matter what I say- there are going to be people who disagree with me- and there will be people who take offense if I say nothing....or too much...or the right thing but at the wrong time.

It's a sad state when we start censuring ourselves, isnt it?
I'm not judging, Michael- I'm just saying I do it too and then wonder why. xx

Michael Dodd said...

The question of self-censoring (which may or may not be self-censuring, I suppose) is one that I ponder.

My intention for this blog from the beginning was for it to be mostly family-friendly (meaning my family) and not particularly issue-oriented, although obviously I play fast and loose with that. One principle -- if I can call it that -- is that after I write something, if I fret about it for hours afterward, I remove it. If I am not satisfied with the way I express myself, if I think it may do more harm than good, I have to wait until I think I can do better. Sometimes I come back and do a new version. More often, I don't. Just having gone to the effort of articulating it for myself is enough.

Ironically, I wrote another paragraph for this comment and then went back and deleted it. Hmmm. Obsessive compulsive much, Michael?