Thursday, August 6, 2015

Windows 10-tative

While Tom took care of a number of other things today, I dealt with upgrading to Windows 10. The upgrade process went very smoothly. And Windows 10 itself, with one minor problem I am having with the calendar, is fine.

I still do not understand, however, why software developers think that the thing to do when releasing a new operating system is to put it out there with relatively little in the way of instructions. There are a handful of basic video tutorials, which sound more like advertisements to be honest, telling one what wonderful things the new system will do without showing one exactly how to do those things. In order to do things, one must click seemingly at random around on the screen and hope that something will pop up that looks like it might be what one is seeking. Worse, things that in the earlier version were very simple often appear to be undoable in the new iteration. Fortunately enough of the old version is still there for one to be able to do these things, but they require one to leave the fancy new application and return to the exciting days of yesteryear over on the side. I mentioned how frustrating this can be in my feedback comments, but I expect it to have no impact on future releases.

Oh, the robot and I wound up doing the basement floors as well as the kitchen, dining and living room floors last night while Tom was at his meeting. By noon today, you could hardly tell they had been clean twelve hours before. 

I saw a survey recently on "favorite household chores" -- an unlikely topic, if you ask me. At any rate, of the ten things listed (laundry, dishes, dusting, sweeping, etc.) mopping came in dead last by a long shot.

No surprise there.


glen said...

Do you really have a robot? How does that work? With LOTS of cats and a dog it would be nice to have some help
keeping the floors clean......

Lavada said...

My very fav thing is hoovering followed closely by mopping. My least fav things to do- IRONING(Satans right hand minion)..... and Bathroom fixture cleaning.

Also- one of my fav things is making my bed. Odd that one.... the sheets have to be pristine and smell like they came from straight off the line- all sunshine and fresh air.....and there cant be a wrinkle in either the topsheet nor the fitted sheet. The duvet must be also wrinkle free....and the pillowcases have to have the seams perfectly aligned with the seams on the pillows. They also have to have the open end facing the side of the bed- it cannot be facing the middle of the bed at all. The closed ends of the pillows must also be centered perfectly from the middle of the bed- and almost- but not touching the opposite side pillows. Then the bed cushions have to be placed just so on the front edge of the pillows. again, no wrinkles. Then the throw has to be foled in half edges perfectly together and placed across the foot of the bed- starting exactly 6 inches from the foot of the bed and the rest hanging over the edge of the foot of the bed. Never touching the floor.
My kids are the same way....I've had the daughter in laws/son in laws complain to me on numerous occasions that MY son/daughter made them get up in the middle of the night to get the wrinkles out of the sheets because they cant sleep on wrinkles because they wake up feeling like they are bruised.
Yup- that's my babies alright.