Wednesday, August 5, 2015

Is it only Wednesday?

It feels like it should be Thursday at least! I suppose it is because we had Michelangelo with us for four days, and then I have had two lunch dates already this week. 

At any rate, today I still managed to get a bit of writing done on Wacky, did two loads of laundry and made a chicken enchilada casserole of my own creation for dinner. Tom went so far as to have seconds. Sundance sat around and cried for a bite, but when she was offered a plate to lick, turned up her nose. She suspected we were eating ice cream, I think, one of her favorite things. Well, that and tuna. Tuna ice cream -- now there's a flavor she could go for! (Click on that image to enlarge it for easier reading.)

I had planned to clean and mop floors tonight while Tom is at a meeting. He has business to deal with elsewhere tomorrow morning, however, and I will probably put off that bit of housework until then. He needs to be out of the house when I do the floors, whether I do it alone or with the aid of the robot. Inevitably Tom finds it necessary, at the worst possible moment, to walk through the area where I/it/we are working.

I may set the robot to do the basement floor tonight ...

Okay, and I am not making this up. About twenty minutes ago, Tom took off for a meeting. Just now as I was writing this in my office, I heard footsteps upstairs. He had forgotten something and come back for it. And he said, "Good thing you weren't cleaning the floors!"


Kirstin Dodd said...

You two are so cute! <3

I loved the post title since I have felt like that all day.

Anonymous said...

LOL- saw this recently- your story reminded me of it.....

A Rookie Deputy calls the station on the radio.

"Station, is that you , Sargeant?"

"Yes, go ahead."

"We have a case here, Sargeant. A woman has shot her husband for stepping on the floor she'd just mopped clean."

"Okay- Have you arrested her?"

" No Sir...The floor's still wet."

THAT could be a True Story!!!! :)