Wednesday, December 30, 2015

Bits and pieces

We had two visits today from friends from the Dells. Fortunately we had taken all the empty bins down to the storage locker this morning, but the place is still messy. We got the large paintings up in my room, and it feels mostly done. I still need to hang an icon and make up my mind about a couple of other things. The art for the office and the large monochromatic portrait for the entry way are still leaning up against walls, waiting.

It will probably be another week before the cube organizers that Tom ordered to serve as bookshelves [plus] arrive and we can unpack the boxes of books and DVDs that are in the middle of the living room. That will also give us a place to put some of the tchotchkes that are lined up on the window ledges around the room, to the bafflement of the cats when they try to walk around and look out windows.

Tom is  working on a way to hang the stained glass panel that we brought from the house. We know where we want it to go. The challenge will be installing it. Below is a photo of the panel and one of the way it looked in situ on Berry Road, hanging by the deck door behind Tom's rocking chair. This gives you only an idea of how it looks with the light shining through it. The deck/balcony of the apartment faces almost due west, which will work great.

On a more practical level, Tom went online to the DMV after breakfast, changed his address and ordered his new driver license. He sent me the info and I followed suit. Until the new licenses arrive, the printout works as ID for things like registering to vote.

The one problem we are having with the apartment is that the intercom/doorbell -- which is supposed to be linked to our telephone -- is still not hooked up. We have only been living here a couple of days, but we have been paying rent for two weeks and they have had the information since the day we picked up the keys. I have spoken politely to them on three different occasions and been told each time that it would be taken care of by the end of that day. (I understand that it is not something they can do themselves, but some contractor does it for them.) 

Now I am turning it over to the family lawyer -- that is, to Tom. It didn't matter too much before,  but now with visitors arriving and finding our apartment not even listed on the intercom directory downstairs, it is unacceptable. And we are expecting deliveries. So ... get with the program, please!

Otherwise, loving the place. Cassidy is still unsettled, but Sundance seems to be making her peace with the new situation. I suppose with time, we all will.

If they just get the doorbell working!!!!


anne marie in philly said...

slow but steady wins the clean apartment medal!

Anonymous said...

Beautiful window.

Anonymous said...

It is now almost a week since you wrote this comment. But no update on the doorbell communicator situation! Did your lawyer get the problem solved swiftly?