Saturday, December 5, 2015

Holiday Train time again

The Canadian Pacific Holiday Train is coming through the Dells this afternoon. This is a big fundraiser for local food pantries in Canada and the United States, and the little railroad where Tom volunteers always helps out with security. Since it is a family event, we patrol along the length of the train to make sure children don't get too close for comfort. This is not a toy train! The train is lovely to see and it brings along a country music show as well. Local groups will be providing other entertainment and snacks for the crowd while we wait for the train to put in its appearance.

Tom has been organizing and supervising the security for several years now, and this may be the last time we are involved. The first year we helped out it was bitterly cold, but recent years have been more tolerable. The forecast for today is great: sunny with temperatures getting up to 45 [7.22 C] in the afternoon. The train is due at our station around 2:45, so that should be about right. Many years the train -- which visits dozens of places along the way from east to west -- stops on a weekday, often when kids are still in school. This time we lucked out and got a Saturday, which should mean a better turnout and more donations to help the Dells food pantry. The lights on the train may not show up to their best advantage on a sunny afternoon, but it should be fun anyway.

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Mitchell is Moving said...

What a great event and a storybook train!