Friday, December 11, 2015

Write your own television guide description of a holiday movie!

Pick one from Group A, one from Group B and one from Group C to make a one-line synopsis:

Group A

Candace Cameron Bure plays an aggressive business woman who

Eric Mabius stars as a shy guy who

Group B

Saves Christmas from a mean old rich white man

Finds romance with a charming baker

Helps a poor family who have lost the Christmas spirit

Finds a magical ornament under a tree in a department store

Group C

While visiting his/her hometown to shut down a toy factory

While lost in a snowstorm trying to get to New York to buy expensive gifts

With the help of a little boy and his dog

With the help of a mysterious old man in red


Mitchell is Moving said...

Oh, groan, I just want to rearrange ALL the words and make up my own:

Candace Mabius finds an aggressive old man and his mysterious red dog and helps romance a rich old baker under a tree in a toy factory.

Michael Dodd said...

I'd watch that movie.