Tuesday, December 15, 2015

Today we begin to move ...

Not sure about time or energy for blogging for a while ...

The plan so far:

Today we pack up truck and car and head to Madison to pick up keys and start moving in. We have to have televisions in place by lunchtime so the installation guy can program boxes or whatever. 

Over the next week we will be bringing a load or two down every day. 

On December 22 we take Sundance back to the vet to check on how well the thyroid medication is working. On December 24 we head to Chicago to spend holidays with family  there, returning on December 26. Sunday December 27 is final packing and prepping for movers to arrive on December 28. The big furniture goes with the movers and the cats come with us.  

And these are totally not our movers! Even if they were, no one is dressing like that in Wisconsin on December 28.

Then moving any remaining bits and pieces and getting the cleaners in on January 4 to have the house in shape to hand over on January 8.


I have a few things scheduled to post over the next few days. But it may be a while before I am back in the flesh, as it were.

So if you don't hear from me before 2016, have a merry, merry and a happy, happy!


Bob Slatten said...

I think it's a smart idea spacing it out. Moves are such a pain and when attempted in a day or two are even worse!

Susan said...

What I want to know about the top picture is: who's driving and who's out back? :)
Good luck with it all, Michael.

Anonymous said...

May the transition go smoothly.

anne marie in philly said...

a stressful situation for humans and cats alike, moving is. best of luck!

Michael Dodd said...

That is a a kind assessment. We are spacing it out not by choice but in order to accommodate the family holiday. Which means we have to provide for the cats in our absence. Which means ... Anyway, it was nice of you to say it was smart. But I don't think smart had anything to do with it!
Actually Tom drove the truck ... but I was not hanging on in back. I drove the Equinox.
Thanks! We will survive.
Anne Marie,
The cats were totally stressed this morning. They have been bothered by all the changes already. The real test will be after they move into their new home.

Mitchell is Moving said...

Hope all is going well! Love that photo. We've hired movers many times over the years. They have never EVER looked anything like that. Very disappointing.

Daniel said...

Sounds like you guys won't make it to Barona over the holidays. Hope all goes well in the move to Madison. See you in the New Year perhaps. Next year in Barona!