Tuesday, December 29, 2015


Sunny said...

Nice view!!!!! It's going to be very nice in Green Months too!!
Arent you going too miss your garden, Michael? Or are you going to do a bit of Container Planting?

Michael Dodd said...

The view is actually wonderful in the green months and in the golden autumn, which is when we first saw it. With the trees all leafed out and those rolling hills green, it is really a lovely sight.

This time of year everything looks so barren, though, and I was reluctant to post a photo because it would not look like anything. But when the snow came, I thought it helped. Of course, if I had a better camera, that would help, too. I will get Tom to take some good photos that I can share.

We will see about container gardening once winter is past. We face west/northwest, so plants will get lots of afternoon sun. This is a change from the house where most of the flowers were in the front of the house and protected from late afternoon sun.