Saturday, June 11, 2016

Madison Cricket

Some months back, when I was out for a walk a mile or so up Hoepker Road from our apartment, I passed a house where an Indian (I assume) gentleman and his college-age son (I assume) were instructing a much younger son (again I assume) in how to play cricket.

It turns out that our side of Madison is quite the place for cricket, given our large Indian and Pakistani population. There is a Madison Cricket Club comprised of eight teams, including a Sun Prairie team (the Prairie Sunrisers), who won their most recent match against V Badgers by two wickets. (No, I don't know.) There is another team called the Willow Warriors, but I am reasonably sure that refers to the bats they use, not to anything willowy about the warriors themselves.

At any rate, they play in one of the Madison city parks that is not far from here, and I thought it would be an interesting outing to drop by and watch part of a match. I say part of a match advisedly, because there apparently is no telling how long the things can go on. The longest match on record, I am told, lasted 150 hours and 14 minutes, spread out over a week (June 24-30) in Leicestershire, England, where apparently no one had anything much else to do.

Our locals, only one of whom is local in the usual sense of the word, are all amateurs and have things like jobs and families to demand attention, and I imagine the matches do not go on past dinnertime. Or perhaps past tea time, given the British roots of the game.

Anyway, we have put it on our things-to-do-when-the fancy-strikes list. Further details as events warrant.


Sunny said...

LOL- you would be AMAZED at how seriously the Brits take their Cricket Matches, Michael. Bit of advice for NOT get too close to the Cricket Pitch. Those balls are made of a lead/cement....not really but they actually FEEL like it if you get hit by one. That's why you see all the padding on the uniforms and if you ask me it isn't nearly ENOUGH padding anyway!!!

It's great fun to watch a match- I hope you get to do it before season ends!!

Ur-spo said...

I can't grasp cricket. It has an amazing history, though.

Mitchell is Moving said...

I've never watched an entire cricket match (and I'd need an explainer for the entire time). But I used to see cricket being played in a park in Brooklyn when I was in my teens. They were usually, at that time, Jamaican transplants. And recently there's been a group of guys playing a game of pick-up cricket in a dry riverbed near us. I met one of the guys and he said they've found a park to play in. And they're all Spanish.