Sunday, June 19, 2016

Sunday summary

I hope you had a pleasant Sunday. We were looking for something low-key to do, and I suggested we go to the farmer's market on the Capitol Square. The one on Saturday mornings, the Dane County market, is the largest in the state and some say in the country. About 15,000 people show up on the Square and I have read that it can be almost impossible to push your way through the crowds to get near the vendors. The Sunday market is the Madison one and we figured it would be less chaotic.

Well, der. Less chaotic and low-key hardly describe what we found. The market opens at eight. When we got there about eight thirty, there were four vendors set up and no others on the horizon. We looked around, walked through the Capitol building, almost empty that early on a Sunday, then wandered around the square and adjacent neighborhoods for a while.

We decided to head to the west side of town, which we used to visit a lot when we lived in the Dells but hardly see at all these days. Of course, nothing was open except for a couple of stores. I offered to get Tom a cup of coffee, but he wasn't interested. After perusing things there, we decided to head back home, stopping at Woodman's so Tom could get sushi for lunch and I could lay in breakfast supplies.

I had a light lunch -- veggie straws and spicy guacamole -- on the balcony while Tom ate his sushi inside. Although it got quite warm this afternoon, at midday the balcony is in the shade and a pleasant breeze combined with low humidity to make it very pleasant. A brief nap follow by a cup of coffee and then off to the treadmill, where I spent over an hour exercising and watching the first couple of episodes of Neil deGrasse Tyson's Cosmos. The apartment complex pool was filled with people today, lots of families with children. It was a good day for it, sunny and hot at mid-afternoon.

After dinner we watched the finale of Vicious on PBS and then walked to Kwik Trip to get an ice cream and to use the ATM. It was a pleasant evening for the mile-and-a-half walk there and back, warm but not humid. The sun was still above the horizon in the west and the full moon was visible in the east. Lots of our neighbors were out for a stroll, too.

After taking care of cat duties -- cleaning litter boxes, washing plates, handing out a few treats -- I took a lime Perrier out to the balcony and sat to watch the fading sunlight. A couple walked by on the sidewalk, pushing a stroller. Fireflies flitted about over the grass. I called Tom to come see them, the first ones we have seen this year. It was a lovely end to a pretty uneventful day.

And now to bed.


Mitchell is Moving said...

Feast or famine. When we lived in Irvine, there was a great weekend market near campus. But parking, walking, and shopping were often a nightmare with the crowds, so we rarely went. Oh, fireflies! We don't have them here. They were magical to me when I was a kid... and an adult!

Michael Dodd said...

Fireflies are still magical for me, too. That's why I had to call Tom to come look. They are one of those sights one needs to share.

Bob Slatten said...

We strolled through downtown Smallevile yesterday and met a local artist/shaman who chatted us up for over an hour and then "drummed" us.
Not our usual Sunday but one for the books.

Anonymous said...

Days like that are the ones I live for, Michael. The ebb and flow of routine daily chores interspersed with a bit of spontaneity... and best of all- No Drama!!!

Sunny :)

Michael Dodd said...

I know what you mean. Several friends and relatives have a lot of drama in their lives at the moment. I realize how fortunate I am to have such simple days.