Sunday, May 8, 2016

Best serendipitous find of the day

While searching for information about a former student with the Discalced Carmelites (initials at end of name: OCD), I was offered this little tidbit:
Use The Gear Ring As An AlternativeTo Ease Anxiety. Order Online Now!
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If you watch the video below, you will see what it does. Cost: $165. I guess the idea is that playing with the ring will take your mind off whatever you are obsessing about. If you think this will help, I should let you know that simpler so-called spinner rings are available for less than ten dollars. But without the cute gear action.

NB: I do not mean to imply that obsessive-compulsive disorder is to be taken lightly. I have more than a touch of it myself, and it is easy for me to understand how it could become seriously disabling. 

But the notion that I would be looking for an OCD friar and be asked if I were struggling with OCD ... it is too cute. (Especially if you knew the friar in question!) 

I plan to send the ad to lots of my former monastery companions, who struggle with that kind of OCD every day!


Anonymous said...

If I wasn't so notorious for loosing rings... I would be coveting that ring.

Michael Dodd said...

I must admit that I want one, too. My birthday is coming up and I thought about mentioning it to Tom ...