Sunday, May 22, 2016


Just a quick note to assure you that I have not been carried off by a rattlesnake.

On the other hand, my sweet great-niece, who just graduated from kindergarten, had a dog, who was bitten on the leg and face a couple of days ago by a rattlesnake. The dog died in its sleep last night. The family is heartbroken, of course.

My mother is starting to gain confidence using the tablet for email. I will be interested to see what happens after I leave on Tuesday. I have been doing minor jobs around the house -- changing light bulbs, replacing dead batteries in alarms, helping adjust the sprinkler system. I'm not particularly handy, but these are things I can manage.

Today is warm (84 F/28.9 C) and sunny. This is more like the weather I expected when I came down here, but the first few days I was wearing long sleeves and a jacket.

My sister-in-law arrives tomorrow for an overnight visit. She will head back to the Panhandle Tuesday morning while I head back to Wisconsin.

Later, 'taters.

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Mitchell is Moving said...

So sad about your great-niece's dog.

I'm very impressed you changed light bulbs. One of our good friends explained to us last night that that is not a skill he can claim. He tried again last week and, as usual, he dropped the light bulb mid-'project' and it broke into dozens of pieces. His 13-year-old daughter quickly volunteered to take over responsibility for that task going forward.