Monday, May 16, 2016


Not to worry! I am on my way to Texas to visit my mother. It is a tiring two-day drive, I'll be there a week and then another two days driving back. I'll return to live blogging although maybe somewhat sporadically for the next ten days or so.

In the interim, I am scheduling a few excerpts from my memoirs to appear here for you to read. Regular and long-time visitors may find some of these repetitive. If you choose to read them, just bear in mind that they are my memories of events or of stories I heard along the way, most of them several decades past. I hope they are accurate, but my vaunted near-eidetic memory is not as near as it was in my youth. 

Be well!


Anonymous said...


Have a good journey - your readers worry about you, so please drive carefully (which you will). As to the "accuracy" of your memoirs, (a) when two people have a conversation and immediately they both write down what was said, will the two accounts agree? and if they don't, which is the more "accurate"? "Memoirs" are inevitably affected by the passage of time and by hindsight (the influence of subsequent developments) but they are no less "accurate" on that account. I look forward to reading your selections.


Mitchell is Moving said...

Buen viaje! I look forward to your memoir memories.

Michael Dodd said...

When I first wrote my memories, I referred to my autobiography. I chose to change that to memoirs precisely for the reasons you mention.

Anonymous said...

That's a lot of driving! Stay alert.
May your time with your mum be special.
I too look forward to your memoir excerpts.

Anonymous said...

Fabulous!! I do like a good story while I'm driving, but anything that makes me deep think about the world or life is a dangerous thing as it makes my mind wander and not pay attention to the reoad so I tend to steer clear of them as much as possible.

Last Audio book I listened to was Ian Mcclelland(sp?) Memoirs. I LOVE memoirs and I look forward to reading yours in your absence.... Give Mama our love!!

Sunny :)