Wednesday, May 18, 2016

Wacky Wednesday

What a day! I spent much of the morning trying to get my mother's aged computer to work properly, but without success. Then we wound up spending lots of time trying to get into her email using my computer, but for some reason it was not recognizing her password. I checked with brother and sister-in-law and we all agreed on the password. Which did not get us into the account. And the "Forgot your password?" link did not work because it would not provide a security question for us to answer. Thinking it might be the username that was the problem, I tried that link. I got a message: "Check your email for message containing your username."

Finally I found a work-around by using her account number with the provider, changed the (unknown) password to the version we all thought it was to begin with and thus found out that she had one email message -- a note from her church about who the ushers were this weekend. Not her, BTW.

Then we had a long conversation about whether she wanted a new computer, but by then she was enamored of my tablet and wanted one of those. I pointed out the problems that a small device will cause for her with her arthritis, but she still wanted a tablet. A small tablet. So I went to town and tried three stores. I wanted her to come and see if she could operate the tablet I thought might work for her, but she was having none of that. So off I went while she stayed behind to get ready to go to Wednesday night church.

Store One, despite the promises of their website, did not have anything in stock. Store Two had what I wanted but there was only one person who knew anything and he had a line at the counter trying out cell phones and arguing with him about some app that wasn't acting right on someone's device. I looked at the growing mob and decided to look elsewhere. Store Three had one tablet in stock, not the one I wanted and way overpriced.

Meanwhile I had a commitment to be somewhere else and had to give up.

Maybe tomorrow ...

Oh, yeah. We had torrential rain while we were at lunch. (A nice meal at a new place in town -- chicken fried steak, without which no trip to Texas is complete.) Tomorrow I am treating my mother, an aunt and a cousin to lunch in honor of my birthday. The forecast threatens thunderstorms, of course, to provide the sound track.

Happy birthday to me!


Mitchell is Moving said...

Feliz cumpleaƱos!

Computing and our mothers... always interesting. I hope yours isn't like mine. She would insist she wanted a tablet until she got it and then she would blame me for NOT insisting she NOT get it.

Anyway, as I said at the start, feliz cumpleaƱos!

Michael Dodd said...

Gracias! I think my mother will be frustrated with her tablet within two or three weeks, and it will wind up forgotten on the table in the guest bedroom with the iRobot sweeper/mopper she wanted and the pedometer. With luck, she won't blame me for it.

BTW, whenever I fret over how far I have to travel to see my mother, I remember how far you have to go when the Dowager Duchess needs you. It makes the 969 miles between Madison and Whitehouse seem paltry.

Anonymous said...

Belated good wishes on your birthday - and many more! (You are a mere stripling by modern standards!)


Dave R said...

My 82 old Mom wants a tablet, we're not getting her one. We've learned. Over the past 15 years I've given her 2 laptops and a PC and she was fine with them for the first week or two, but then they becomes too much work so she forgets about them.