Saturday, May 14, 2016


1) My mother's new flooring was installed today. When I called, she was in the middle of telling the guys where to put the furniture, which had all been piled into the kitchen while they did the living room. She says the floor is not as pretty as the one destroyed by the flood waters, but then it cost a thousand dollars less and she got it right away. And it is, when all is said and done, just something you walk on. Someone will come in Monday and install the baseboard and when I get there Tuesday afternoon, things will be settling down.

2) The "last frost date" for our area is May 15. Tonight (May 14/15) it is supposed to get down to 31 (-0.56 C), making it right on time. Well, assuming this is the last one until late next fall. Our high today was 45. That is 7.22 C for those who wonder about such things. Monday when I leave for Texas, it will be about 45 again, and when I get to Texas Tuesday afternoon, there it will be 78 (25.56 C) and raining, possibly with thunderstorms. At least it looks like I won't be driving through active tornado territory!

3) I am collecting things in the study that I will need to take to Texas. My mother asked for two more copies of Except for His Wings. One to lend out to people she thinks might not remember to return it and one to donate to the Whitehouse Public Library. I am also taking her a pedometer. I would like to get her a Fitbit, but for a number of reasons, it would not be useful for her. I have a simpler one that I think will work. She walks at least half an hour every day, often an hour or more in thirty minute increments. Not bad for 87! I also have a supply of audio books to listen to on the two-day drive to and fro, prescriptions and an assortment of techie items. Oddly enough, packing clothes is the easiest part because I already have clothes down there.

I may post tomorrow. If not, check back on Monday.


Ur-spo said...

I always enjoy hearing about your updates
Your last frost date (now there is an expression I have not heard in a while!) coincides with our first days of over 100F

glen said...

Wishing you safe travels and a fun visit with Mom

anne marie in philly said...

safe journeys!

Mitchell is Moving said...

Your mother sounds pretty amazing. So glad things are quickly getting back into order at her house. Looking forward to your first post from there.