Sunday, May 1, 2016

Quick update on Mama

This photo was not taken at my mother's house, but it could have been.* The dry-and-clean people got to her house last night (Saturday) and set up nine blowers to start drying everything out. She had trouble getting to sleep with all the noise, but once she did,  she slept fine. 

When I called her today, she didn't realize the ringing noise she heard was the phone, because the fans are so loud and have been running so long. At any rate, the process has begun and she is okay. She told me she doesn't need me (or any of the other family members who have generously offered) to come down right now. I was already scheduled to visit in two weeks. It will be interesting to see what shape the house is in by then.

She never lost electrical power, which was a blessing. Besides the floors getting ruined by water, it sounds like the only other loss was an empty and battered storage shed in her back yard. It was on the property line with a neighbor, who had a shed of his own right up against hers. Both sheds washed away in the storm, into a creek bed at the back of the properties. There was nothing in my mother's shed, which she thinks is the reason that it washed away. She had not been able to find out anything from the neighbors about what they may have lost.

*The photo was taken at a house in Tyler, about nine miles from my mother.


Jeremiah Andrews said...

I am encouraged that mama is doing ok. And just knowing family can show up, when needed, might be just what she needs to hear, in order to deal with what she has on her hands. Resources were needed, and they have been provided for her.

It is good the house is on the mend, unlike many others that have been destroyed. Little miracles I guess, if you want to look at it that way. Know you and the family are in my thoughts and prayers.

I know how difficult this is, I myself loosing a home to hurricane destruction once was enough for me. Never again. I feel for her and the many who now have nothing and have to start from scratch.

You can't fight mother nature. I know that for a fact. But at least she has the house in one piece and not having lost anything substantial sets her on good footing, don't you think?

Everything will be ok, in the end, if it's not ok, it's not the end.

Jeremy in Montreal.

Mitchell is Moving said...

Your mother sounds like one self-sufficient woman. Glad it wasn't worse for her but sure wish it had been much better. My mother would never have an empty shed on her property. It would have been filled to overflowing with useless items from before the FIRST flood. That noise can be overwhelming. Hope things quiet down soon.