Thursday, May 26, 2016

Home again

I made it safely back to Madison yesterday afternoon. I am still sniffling and that is slowing me down some today. I have put off working out until I feel better. Instead I am doing  laundry, banking, shopping, answering phone calls that came in my absence, scheduling an oil change. All that  wonderful stuff. Thunderstorms rolled through around breakfast time, but that seems to have moved on to the east. It will be warm and humid today, though, and I plan to stay inside where it is cool and dry. 

This is not only the end of the month but the end of a semester here in Madison, where the University of Wisconsin looms large. As a result there are moving vans parked in front of many of the apartments. I doubt we have any undergraduates living in our complex, but a lot of the young families have that graduate-student look about them. This may also account for the large number of our neighbors who are from India.

The oddity of the morning was a conversation with the woman who schedules volunteers for the library. One of our volunteers died while I was away and they are looking for people to take her spots. She worked Saturdays, noon until two, not the most popular time slot. I called to say I would take one of the spots, but the volunteer coordinator is so talkative that I could hardly get a word in. I offered three times to take one weekend a month, but she just kept talking about how she was sure I had a Baltimore accent -- something I have never been accused of in the past -- and how charming Tom was on the phone when she called and on and on and on. I finally extricated myself from the conversation without any commitment on either side about when or whether I will work on a Saturday. She seems to be filling the slots pro tempore and has them covered until the end of June. I promised to call back.



Dave R said...

The accent bit is humorous - I was born in Florida, learned to talk in Biloxi, and had parents with strong PA Dutch accents, but have been told frequently I have a Nova Scotia accent.

Mitchell is Moving said...

Wow, those sniffles have turned your hair black. Let me know if they make hair grow.

As for the Baltimore accent, I know someone from South Africa who was told by someone in the US that she had a Bronx accent.

Michael Dodd said...

When I went off to university, a flight attendant asked if I were British because of my accent. I think that was the gay peeking out.