Wednesday, February 10, 2016

Dells dash and Mrs. Calabash

This brisk but sunny Ash Wednesday morning -- just one above [-17.2 C] when we got up -- we headed up to the Dells. Tom had a dental appointment and I had some business with the bank there, turning in some CDs about to come due and closing our joint account. 

First we bought some boards at Home Depot and ran by the little railroad so Tom could cut them in preparation for making scratching posts for the cats. Then to the bank where things did not take too long, giving us time to visit folks at the library before Tom's appointment with the dental hygienist. The library has obtained three more of Tom's paintings for display, including one of his monochrome portraits.

After that, we stopped by Rich and Peggy's to say hello, and Rich joined us for lunch so that Tom could pick his brain about buying a used car.
Then we came back to Madison and went by the bank to deposit the funds from the closed joint account into our new joint account. And finally home to feed cats who were waiting to be fed and petted after going five hours without our company.

It is still sunny at three in the afternoon and has warmed up to 11 [-11.67 C], but will hit four below [-20 C] tonight.

You don't even want to hear about what we expect over the weekend.

But I am sure I will tell you once we get there. 

I got my volunteer assignment for the Sun Prairie Public Library. The Friends of the Library run a used book store inside the library and I will be staffing that for a couple of hours three Fridays a month. 

And finally, in honor of Jimmy Durante, who was born on this date in 1893, "Good night, Mrs. Calabash, wherever you are!"