Wednesday, February 3, 2016

Fleeting memories

I posted that image of the snowflake for a couple of reasons. 

One, we had a bit of snow yesterday -- not nearly as much as first predicted -- and a bit more is in the forecast for today. 

Two, Lee and I were reminiscing about our MSU days recently. I recalled waiting for a campus bus one winter afternoon when a lovely, slow snow was falling. Standing ahead of me in line was a young woman with long black hair. In her hair were lodged perfect, unbroken individual snowflakes, just like in that photo. 

That is it, the entire memory. I don't know who she was, didn't know then. Don't recall what class I had just left. But that image of perfect snowflakes tangled in her dark hair stays with me more than forty years later.

Simple beauty in unexpected places, like a winter bus stop in the snow.


Mitchell is Moving said...

I love those kinds of memories ...and those kinds of experiences.

Anonymous said...

What a beautiful memory.