Monday, February 1, 2016

Fogged in

Here is the view from the balcony at 9:35 this morning:

The fog was worse earlier. I had thought about going to the writers group at the senior center this morning, but seeing how bad the fog was, I decided not to venture out. Tom assured me that I could see a quarter of a mile.

I am not sure about that, and at any rate, as I told him, the senior center is more than a quarter mile away. 

This led to sneers about idiot Phi Beta Kappa key holders. He should know; he's one, too.

Tomorrow morning a snow storm is due to blow in to provide our Tuesday whiteout. Since that is also Groundhog Day, the local rodent should not be able to see his/her shadow, meaning winter will be shorter. On the other hand, I read that since 1988 the famous Punxsutawney Phil has been correct only thirteen times and wrong fifteen. Flipping a coin would be as accurate. 

I have no idea how accurate Sun Prairie's Jimmy has been, but then he is more famous for biting our mayor. Sun Prairie has been holding its fest for 68 years, and eleven woodchucks have played the role. (That makes this year's Jimmy XII.) After last year's mishap, organizers were not sure they could find one to star this year, but they announced success a few days ago. They will pay $1,200 to an animal exhibitor who has agreed to show up with a licensed groundhog to make the call. (A licensed groundhog?) Just in case of trouble, they also have a costumed groundhog standing by to witness or provide as needed.

I have not heard who will be wearing the costume. I am waiting to see, however, if the costumed Jimmy intends to nibble on the new Mayor's ear. Inquiring minds what to know!


John Gray said...

I can feel the cold

Mitchell is Moving said...

We had dense fog for a while last night. No woodchucks. Too hard to get a license here.