Monday, February 1, 2016

No news: Weather edition

Recently the Weather Channel app on my computer (not my tablet) has been acting odd. 

When I open it, as often as not it starts to load and then shuts down. When I try the second time, it works.

More annoying is that it keeps sending me notifications about breaking news. When I go to the Weather Channel app's news site, the headlines included in the notifications are nowhere to be found.

Just now I discovered that the reason the headlines are missing is that the notifications that are arriving today are for stories from last week. Not exactly breaking news.
I mentioned before that there is a location glitch somewhere in the system. Today when I turned on the tablet, the weather widget said I was in Maple Bluff and then while I was looking at it, immediately switched me to Sun Prairie. But that's a whole 'nuther story. And not breaking news.


Mitchell is Moving said...

Exciting! I'm going to log onto the Weather Channel right now and see if I can teleport to Madrid for the afternoon. It's a much greater distance from here than Maple Bluff is from Sun Prairie but I BELIEVE!

Toni said...

My Iphone app for Weather Channel has been acting up too. I have it programmed for Redding, CA and I keep getting Salt Lake City, Utah! ?