Saturday, February 27, 2016

iPhone, myPhone, yourPhone, ourPhone

Ron, whose blog I read, recently wrote about the wrenching decision to get rid of their land line. He seems to be surviving quite well. When we still lived in Delton, I suggested several times that we drop the land line, especially when it was no longer tied to our television or our internet provider. Instead, Tom chose to move the land line to the folks who provided the other services. (I pay the bills -- well, I write the checks -- and you don't want to hear how much that "money-saving" idea actually cost us once they had talked Tom into upgrading all over the place.)

When we moved to the apartment, Tom still wanted to have a land line and so we do. It is part of a bundle from another provider and costs us significantly less than the previous one. So I guess I can't complain. Since you know me, you also know it will not stop me from complaining.

I thought we could do without the land line because we both have cell phones. I guess they are "dumb phones" because they are just, you know, phones: old clamshell types that are totes retro, but not because we are trendy. We got them to have on hand in case of emergency, living as we did out in the beyond a bit. They are pretty much nothing but phones and we pay for minimal service, no bells and whistles, no internet, no apps. Just a phone to call someone if necessary when the car breaks down and such. If you call the cell phone, you get a message telling you not to leave a message because we don't check messages there. You are redirected to the land line where you can leave a message in case no one answers.

 Whenever talk arises about getting a smart phone (not necessarily an iPhone, because we both have issues with Apple in general), Tom goes into his "why would anyone want one of those things?" routine and I turn my attention to the cats. I have found that offering any answers to his objections does no good. I wind up feeling like Raj on The Big Bang Theory when he was discussing with Sheldon how Superman cleans his outfit when it gets dirty. After making no headway against Sheldon's stubborn insistence that it was not a problem, Raj declared:

In case you can't read that fuzzy print: "You can't have a rational argument with this man."

So for now I will continue to type "Sent from my iPhone."



Bob Slatten said...

I cannot believe you don't have a smart phone!??! I thought I was the only one left.

My phone sits in the car, in case I need to make a call while away from, or in case of emergency.

I don't need an iPhone.

anne marie in philly said...

"Tom goes into his 'why would anyone want one of those things?' routine" - sorry, I agree with tom.

I have what I call a "dumb phone"; all it does is call and text; it is used during emergencies ONLY.

and, like bob, I don't need an i(diot)phone. how the hell did our parents/grandparents survive without one; quite well, apparently.

(shakes cane) and you kids get offa my lawn (shakes cane again)!

Michael Dodd said...

Anne Marie,
Reminds me of one of my favorite songs from my wasted youth:
"Got along without ya before I met ya,
Gonna get along without ya now."