Sunday, February 21, 2016

Lest we take ourselves too seriously ...

Okay, I know it's Lent for a lot of people and that am supposed to be spending time pondering eternal verities, but sometimes we just have to  lighten up. 
And technically, Sundays during Lent are not days of penance. Or as a devout young Catholic girl once told me, "Sunday is when you do what you gave up."
In that spirit, I offer for your amusement this website: Ship Your Enemies Glitter.

This is not an endorsement. I have never used their services and cannot vouch for anything about them. It is allegedly a company happy to do your pranking for you and the victim need never know who is responsible -- although a note explaining why they are getting pranked can be included in the shipment. And they say they will ship their glitter and other offerings anywhere in the world.

They also offer to ship bacon to people you like. 

Believe it or don't. But I warn you, I am having Tom open my mail from now until Easter at least.

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Fit Studs said...

This is awesome, seriously... Glitter! <3