Wednesday, February 10, 2016


Although I no longer observe Lent in the usual sense or traditional ways, for thirty years I developed the habit of taking time in the weeks at the end of winter heading into spring to give more time to reflection. Not to problem solving, not to hard self-analysis, but just time to think, ponder, wonder. To look, to see, to listen and to hear. To say less and mean more.

In terms of the blog, I may not post quite as often for a while, although I do not intend to go silent. The woman who schedules volunteers at the library, on hearing that I used to be in a monastery, asked me if it was one where I was not allowed to speak. I assured her that once she knew me better, she would know that I could not have survived a regimen of total silence.

But I do like to slow things down before they pick up again in the life-rush of spring warmth and growth. So if you visit and it looks like I am neglecting the blog, know that I hope seeds are sprouting in the silent depths which may send up fresh shoots later.

John of the Cross said that G-d speaks in eternal silence and in silence we must hear.

Whatever your own beliefs about whatever you have beliefs about, may these weeks be good for you. I will be in touch from time to time.

And here in the midst of another Midwestern blast of bitter cold, lines from the movie The Sound of Music ran through my head today: "I have confidence that spring will come again."

Which is certainly part of what Lent in its many forms is all about. 
In the original posting, I mis-typed the John of the Cross quote as "G-d seaks in eternal silence." I mention it because of one of the comments.


Anonymous said...

"G-d seeks in eternal silence and in silence we must hear." What a powerful quote.
May this reflection time be good for your soul.
My personal hope for this Lent is to turn helpful practices into habits. In particular I want to be more mindful of
committing to God what I cannot change.

Anonymous said...

I'm glad you don't intend to go silent.

Michael Dodd said...

That was a mis-type on my part. John says G-d SPEAKS in eternal silence. But I like "G-d seeks in eternal silence."