Saturday, February 20, 2016

Drivers, start your engines!

Joey Logano wins Daytona 500 2015 

Well, the NASCAR season is upon us and that means I am the occasional NASCAR widower. Tom is a big fan -- there's no accounting for these things -- and in particular of Joey Logano. He has been carefully watching and/or recording all the preliminaries this week in preparation for the big races this weekend. (Yes, there is more than one race. LIke Texan Sheldon Cooper and football, despite myself I know about these things and also about how to fry meat that isn't chicken as if it were chicken. I cannot, however, take you outside after the race and show you how to shoot so close to a raccoon that he will crap himself.) 

On the bright side, now that we live in Madison, it will be possible for us, should we in Mr. Phelps-ian fashion choose to do so, to go somewhere and do something and still give Tom time to make it home to watch the race. Also on the bright side, now that he can record everything, it won't matter if he misses the beginning. He typically watches the first laps and then wanders away only to return to watch the last ones.

Most weekends until November I will have some time on my hands to do other things: walk, ponder, write, snooze, pamper cats. 

And yes, after Danica Patrick started racing with the guys, they changed it from "Gentlemen, start your engines." One year James Franco announced, "Gentlemen and Danica, start your engines."

I can't help it. Now I know these things. If only I could remember where I put my keys ...

PS -- Today is also, for those in the Northern Hemisphere, Hoodie-Hoo Day. Look it up before noon so that you can participate. (Since Damien no longer keeps his blog, I thought I should mention this.) 

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Bob Slatten said...

Car racing.
i just don't get the appeal of watching in on TV. It literally makes my head spin.