Tuesday, February 2, 2016

Step by step

 It was a day to stay inside, between snow and sleet and freezing rain and just plain ick. So I worked on formatting the book. This is a bit tedious and often frustrating, but it is what makes a book look like a book. I was not happy with the way the formatting on the WhoVille books came out, but I could not manage to get the look I wanted. Today I was able to solve the problem with Except for His Wings.

This was a major step, although the end result is something you might not notice consciously. It has to do with headers and footers, the areas at the top and bottom of the page where you insert things like page numbers and so on. Pages without headers look unfinished to me. You may be unaware of them when they are there but have a vague feeling that something is not quite-quite if the areas are left blank.

 It's all about how to use "white space" on a page to make it look complete but uncluttered. 

I also got about a third of the book divided into chapters, and I am still tweaking the idea for the cover. 

Tomorrow morning, assuming the iffy weather permits, I will meet with the library volunteer coordinator.  If the roads are too messy, I will continue to work on chapter divisions.

Speaking of step by step, last night the gym was busy when I got there. I chose to forego the treadmill and try out one of the elliptical exercisers. Whoa! That was something. I hit my heart-rate goal very fast. I did not keep it up as long as I do the treadmill, but I was definitely getting a more complete workout and I did maintain the proper level for twenty minutes. Not bad for my first time. I had just a bit of soreness today, and I plan to work the elliptical into my routine regularly.

And with that, I exclaim as I fly out of sight, "Happy Candlemas to all and to all a good night!"

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Mitchell is Moving said...

Sometimes my favourite part of writing my short stories or creating art is the technical formatting that I do with the finished product... which is probably why I don't write books (well, one reason why).

I LOVE those elliptical machines. The first time I was on one I felt so uncoordinated and kept wanting to pick up my feet. But I grew to really enjoy the incredible workout I'd get and found myself so energized.