Sunday, February 21, 2016

Lest we take ourselves too seriously ... Deuxième partie

Shortly after entering the monastery in 1972, I got a phone call notifying me that I had been named to Phi Beta Kappa. I was quite proud and announced the fact to the community when we were all at dinner.

Not a single person there had any idea what Phi Beta Kappa was.

I had a joke worked out about hanging the famous key on my side rosary when I got the habit, but there was no point in using the joke. I never forked over the bucks for the key, either, what with being in a monastery and all.


Mitchell is Moving said...

So sad. Obviously, congratulations are long overdue. I think you should buy the key now and make it into an earring.

Michael Dodd said...

What a great idea! If our cats would wear collars, I could put it on one of their collars. Tom is also Phi Beta Kappa, so the other cat could get his. Or maybe I should be a tasteful tattoo ...