Thursday, February 18, 2016

Oh, the days of youth ...

Rusty Mitchum, Rex Dodd, Ted Dodd

My cousin Rusty, whom I have mentioned before because he is a great humor writer, posted this photo on Facebook. He says it was taken at a cousin's wedding in 1968. Rusty is a double cousin -- his mother was one of my father's sisters, and she married one of my mother's brothers. Rex is the son of my father's brother who lived about a mile up the road from us, and he and his sister were the cousins we saw all the time growing up. Ted is my own brother. He would have been 15 (going on 16, I think) at the time of that wedding. Rusty would have been about fourteen and Rex thirteen.[Okay, I'm estimating here.]

Anyway, it's a great photo, don't you think? We were all so darned cute back then!

Who knew?

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Mitchell is Moving said...

It IS a great picture. But I'm sure you're all STILL cute!