Tuesday, February 9, 2016


It has been a good morning. Well, mostly. I seem to have pulled or strained or bruised a muscle on my right side a couple of days ago. I'm not sure which or what because I don't recall doing anything, but yesterday morning I woke with a pain in the side. Not crippling, but it hurt to cough. Today it is better, but not quite quite. I do not plan to do treadmill or elliptical until it has completely disappeared.

On the brighter side, I had a better night's sleep. We tried the vet's suggestions: left a light on in the living room, fed the cats before going to bed and -- most difficult -- hardened my heart when Sundance came in crying in the night. I ignored her and she eventually went away. She may have tried to wake Tom but he slept through it. At any rate, when I woke to go to the bathroom -- being a man of a certain age -- I did give both cats a snack. (And dry food is out for them all night anyway.) That won me some relief and I managed to sleep with only brief interruptions until after five. At which time I give Sundance her meds anyway, tucked into her Fancy Feast. I went back to bed and she did not come in again until I got up at seven. And she has been fairly good this morning. Hope springs eternal.

On the even-brighter-than-that side, I am happy to report that I finished Except for His Wings, got it into a PDF file and uploaded it to the publisher. The ball is now in Tom's court to design the cover. I have the blurb ready to insert when he gets to that point. Once the cover can be submitted, I will be able to get a digital proof. Then I can find and fix (I hope) problems that show up in formatting, any stray typos that have slipped through and at some point, approve the final version. Once we are at that point, the book can be made available almost immediately in digital form (Kindle/Amazon) and in print within a few days.

So that has made me a happy Mardi Gras boy, even if I do have a slight pain in the side.


Mitchell is Moving said...

Sorry about the pain in the side; I suppose it's better than a pain in the neck. Speaking of which, so glad you had a better night with Sundance.

John Gray said...

Sleeping and animals dont always mix.....i have not had a lie in for years

Anonymous said...

Looking forward to the new book...I'm reading Wiccans in Whoville for the umpteenth time while I'm waiting!!

Sunny said...

A couple of my fav turns of phrases...
Dot Vader.
"Yew Wood," Daniel smirked.
He eats his salad at the end of the meal. I eat mine at the beginning. We were made for each other.
Lawd, I LOVE this book!!!