Sunday, December 6, 2009

And that's that

Today was my "last" day working for the R&GN Railway. I put that in quotes because, although this was the last day of running trains and having the shop open, I will be going over a day or two each week at least until the end of the year taking care of final bits and pieces. And I get paid through the end of December (supposedly).

The last weeks (months?) at the railroad have been difficult because of a lot of internal bickering and so on, and I am sooo happy to be leaving that behind. I know that there will be some of that stuff at the library, because people work there, too. But I am hoping it will not be as venomous as things sometimes became at the railway recently.

So I am hanging up my engineer's cap and packing away my bib overalls for a while. I am thinking of wearing funny ties when working at the library. Not outrageous, but humorous. After all, I will be known for something -- it might as well be for something fun!

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