Tuesday, December 1, 2009


This time of year there can be lots of hassles -- long lines, hard-to-find gifts, lack of ideas for what to buy, tight money having to stretch for extra expenses, travel, and on and on and on. We can feel like we have to deal with too much and want a break.

But take a moment today to think about something that is a problem for some people year-round. Today is World AIDS Day. (You can click on that for more information.) Thought by many people to be a problem for gays when it first appeared, AIDS has become a disease and on-going tragedy especially for women and children.

I have several friends who are living with HIV, and I have lost some friends to the disease. I ask a prayer for them today, and for the many suffering throughout the world.


Vincent said...

I will continue to pray for a cure to this horrific disease.

Kristin said...

I have 2 close hetero friends who are HIV positive...this disease us near & dear to my heart. While I don't believe there will ever be a cure, I do believe they may get a vaccine soon.